TOEFL-iBT speaking #5 - course notes

Integrated Task 3, "Problem & Solution"
一段以校園內為主的對話(campus-based issue)。著重於問題與解決之道

* Process of this task:
1. Listen to a conversation from two persons(alwasy 1 man & 1 woman). One describes his/her problem about study or life in campus. The other will give 2 suggestions for him/her. (60~80sec)
聽一段由一男一女聊天的對話,約60~80秒。內容以校園為主的對話(campus-based issue),二個人討論在課業上或校園生活某個層面所遇到的問題,另一個人則提出二個可能的建議之道。

2. Listen to a conversation, then prepare for 20 sec , and then answer for 60 sec.
聽(60-90s) -> 聽題目() -> 準備(20s) -> 說(60s)

* Answer tips
1. This listening passage always have 1 problem(問題) and 2 solutions(解決方案). Find them while taking notes.

2. Take notes as quickly as possible while listening. The structure of your notes should contain these parts:
* problem 困難x1
* supporting points 困難原因
* suggested solution. 1 第一種解決方法
* suggested solution. 2 第二種解決方法

3. While answer, we should use 2~3 sentences to describe the difficulty, and then summarize the 2 suggested solutions with reasons.

4. Because having adequate time in this task than in task#1~#4, we ought to slow down our pace and pay more attention to the grammar.

5. Types of question:
* describe the problem and then the solutions.
* describe the problem, the solutions, and then your opinion.
* others

6. 搶分語庫6.1(set-phrases)及6.2(chunks)相當實用,背之。

* Template from gter
這道是 Problem andSolution(P&S)题。一般是关于campus-relatedsituation,两个人讨论aproblem and two possible solutions. The problem一般是关于scheduling conflicts, unavoidable absences, unavailable resources,student elections, financial difficulties, and so forth. 题目要求是“briefly describe the problemthat was discussed in the conversation and to state which of the two solutionsyou prefer, and finally to explain why you prefer that solution”,其中的reason可以是材料中提到的,也可以是自己的类似经历。听60-90秒,准备20秒,说60秒。


In the conversation, the man/women has a problem with his/herschedue/report/essay /study(听得时候判断到底是哪方面的问题)
He or she couldn’t get/check out/afford ***(问题具体化)
He/she needs to***
The woman/man/professor/officer gives him/her twosolutions/options
(基本上是2个solution)The firstsolution/option is(概括,不用具体化)

Another suggestion the professor/woman gives is(概括,不用具体化)
And I think the second choice is preferable for thefollowing reasons:
(自己的建议)First,the woman may confront the same problem in the future, itis better for her to handle it now and gain some helpful experiencesAlso,I have once faced thesame situation as the woman does, and I***



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