TOEFL-iBT speaking #3 - course notes

Integrated Task 1, "fit & explain"

* Process of this task:
1. Read a campus-related article in 45sec.(never show up later)
2. Listen to a conversation between two persons(alwasy 1 man & 1 woman) about this article.(60~80sec)
3. Read question, then 30 sec for preparation, and then 60 sec for answer. 閱讀(45s) -> 聽(60-80s) -> 聽題目() -> 準備(30s) -> 說(60s)

* Answer tips
1. The reading passage must include 1 main idea(主旨) and 3~4 supporting points(印證論點). Find them out while taking notes.

2. Take notes as quickly as possible while reading the text. The structure of your notes ought to contain these parts showed below:
* main idea of text
* supporting points in text
* His
* Hers
(most of the time, we can skip main idea of text because it's obvious.)

3. While answering, we should spend 15 sec summarizing the reading passage, and then answer the question.

4. Types of question:
* one person's opinion
* both persons' opinions.
* connection between reading passage and listening passage.

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