Everything has a price

Said my best friend, Jimwu. "Everything has a price"
(but I prefer to call him 小笨)

Few days ago, Jimwu talked with me about the argument between he and his father about whether a referee is necessary in tennis court, because Hawk Eye in the famous tennis game Wimbledon 2007 just held recently plays such a ultimately judging role when a player challenges the referee's judgment. From the argument, he explained the reason he chose to study in NCKU, to parry his parents' overconcern(for him).

"Sometimes I so envied you guys had studied in NCKU, u seem so together and could feel yourself are one of a group(FCS成大附中山)", said I.

Here I have to claim something, I don't mean that I don't like anyone of my friend in NTU, on the contrary, some of them have gave me forces or supports, which brought me to me now. But somehow, especially friends in NTUME, we lacked for a force, an coherent force, to bind us tight.

Anyway, Jimwu replied to me with one line, which is "Everything has a price".

Is that true? I have no idea. Perhaps because that the four years in university were so priceless and everyone has one and the only one four-year time, so freely, so emotional-fully, so sentimentally, no one would satisfied, no matter which way one went through it. In some ways I think mine is good enough, though not everything went as what I wanted.

I most like "La vie est d’ailleurs"(生活在他方), a line of a verse from French poet Arthur Rimbaud(韓波) and being set as the name of a book of Milan Kundera. People never satisfy with what them own while owning it.

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